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Related post: Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 19:08:19 -0700 (PDT) From: "ddrarrow_rebornyahoo.com" Subject: Reclaiming Brandan Chapter TwoWhat's up? I'm bored, so here's another chapter of Reclaiming Brandan!This story (Reclaiming Brandan) and all of its parts, components, mini preteen etc., are the intellectual property of me(ddrarrow_rebornyahoo.com) and are not to be stolen, reproduced, slightly altered and claimed as one's own work, and so on. Please don't steal my stuff. Stealing is bad. Really bad.This story is completely fiction. Meaning, all events in this story are purely coincidental. I'm working on imagination here, people!Additionally, there is no erotica in this story. Maybe something preteen pics uncensored slight, but no actual depictions of sex. If you need to read a story about teenage boys having copious amounts of sex, I suggest reading "Getting Rid of Your Sexual Appetite For artistic nudity preteen Dummies".----------Reclaiming BrandanChapter Two: Was it a Dream?---------- I woke preteens bbs vombat up at sometime around 11:00 am, which was normal for me. I decided to get my ass out of bed and into some shorts so I could look respectable. I went downstairs and got some Lucky Charms. I swear to God, there is no other cereal that could ever beat Lucky Charms. Like, Lucky Charms rule over everything else. They're that awesome. ...Er, anyways... I ate my breakfast. Yeah. That's preteen incest taboo about it. Do you want, like, a description of how I chewed my food? Nope, didn't think so. So, with my breakfast out of the way, I decided to take a shower and get ready to go out, 'cause I had a TKD class coming up at 2:30. Once my dad dropped me off at the studio, he drove off for lunch. preteen young underground I was still feeling a bit down about losing Brandan as a friend, but I was also a bit happy that the situation was finally preteen anal girls resolved and all of the uncertainty was cleared. Now I knew who my friends were and who weren't. Also, I wasn't the sobbing, hysterical preteen asian top mass that I was when I was dealing with Josh. Maybe experience was in play. Honestly, as preteen honeys nude long as the situation doesn't come to haunt me later, I would preteens hard incest be fine. "Hey Jake!" I shouted, as I saw him walking towards the studio as well. "Oh, hey David! You came for the sparring movie preteen love class preteens hairless pics too?" "Yeah! I always go every weekend. Or at least, as many as possible." "Gotta preteen skye gallery stay sharp, huh?" "Of course!" "Hey... Where's Alex?" "Oh. He's gone for the summer. He went to Italy." "So I see... Well, let's go inside. It's pretty hot out here." "You don't have preteen sex gay to tell me twice, man. Let's go inside." We went inside to change into our uniforms and warm up for the sparring class. If there was anything I needed at the moment, it was definitely simulated fighting. It really helped to release all of the pent-up stress from what had preteen nudist gays happened preteen nudist mpg on Friday and by the time class was over, my mind was clear once preteen magazine fantasy again. After class, Jake and I were making plans for tonight. "Hey, David? What are underage preteen yo you doing tonight?" Jake asked. "Uh... Nothing, really... I'm going to Ultrazone, as usual. I think Josh is tagging along too. Do you wanna come with us?" "Actually, preteens kids porno I think preteen shy nudes that would be nice. I should probably be spending a bit more time with Josh, just so that I won't be living in fear or something like that." "...Eh. Whatever floats yer boat, buddy." "Okay, so I guess I'll be seeing you and Josh at Ultrazone at about... Uh... When should I lil cutie preteens get my ass over there?" Jake asked. "About 7:45 sounds good." I replied. "Alright. I'll see ya later, then." "Hey, why world hottest preteen don't daddys preteen you come over to my house?" I offered. "You sweated a lot preteen models photo during class, and boy toplist preteen besides... There might be a few... Uh... Benefits, you know..." I said, with a bit of an evil grin. "Oh... I get yer drift... Heheh..." Jake chuckled. Once we got to my house, we stockings preteen cream both went up to my bathroom and locked the door. Jake looked at me in banned preteen babe the eyes and said, "Let's clean you up, you dirty, dirty little preteen homemade porn boy..." "Oh, that sounds spanking preteen video good..." I replied, seductively. We both stepped in the shower preteen sandra galleries and I turned the water on. Then, Jake kneeled in front of me and-==========SCENE MISSINGSCENE MISSINGSCENE MISSING========== "Oh, Jake... That was so good... I love you, man..." I said, still recovering from my "little death". "Anything for my baby, David... Anything..." preteen nude directory "Jake... I just have to-==========SCENE MISSINGSCENE MISSINGSCENE free nude preteenpics MISSING========== "Oh God! That's soooo good, David!" Jake pre teen sleepover shouted. "I love you!" I said, as best I preteens top angels could with a *WORD MISSING* in my mouth. Then, I preteens african started to-==========SCENE MISSINGSCENE MISSINGSCENE MISSING========== As Jake was recovering from the afterglow, he leaned in to kiss me. It was passionate, but still not overwhelming, since Jake was a bit weak from our activities. After we were done with our link preteen thumbnails "shower", we decided to preteen child nudes start showering together. Jake looked over my shoulder and noticed that I used scented shampoo instead of "regular" shampoo. "Hey, David... What's up with your shampoo?" "Well, it's scented. I usually end up with that sex storyboard preteen kind of stuff since I usually use conditioner, and shampoo-conditioner pairs often come as scented shampoos and conditioners." I explained. "Oh. I see... Well, it's nice. I've always wondered why your hair smelled so nice." "Damn, my secret's been revealed!" I joked. Afterwards, we stepped out of the shower and dried ourselves off. "So, what time is it?" Jake asked. "Uh... According to my clock, it's 5:13." "Your what?" Jake asked, with his eyebrows raised. hot asian preteen "CLOCK, Jake. CLOCK." "Oh. Got it." "Perverto." I said, with a smirk. He was definitely the hornier of us two, but that's sort of what I loved about him. On the outside, Jake can be a bit shy, but once you wow preteen models get to know him, he's a preteen model cutie very daring and outgoing person. We settled down for a bit to play some guitar. Jake and I were coming up with some really nice acoustic pieces as well as a few catchy rock songs that hopefully preteen nude post I could incorporate with Four Mile Run, my band with Josh. Jake was beginning to open up more and tonight, we were all gonna get together to discuss whether Jake could find a place in the band or not. "You sure you wanna do this, Jake?" "Yeah, I'm sure. Besides, playing in a band... It's like I feel at home in a band, ya know?" "Yeah. Definitely, man. It's like you're in your element in a band, right?" "Exactly." "Hey, Jake... It's about time amatuer preteen porn we should get going, man." "Yeah, you're right. Let's hitch a preteen sexy schoolgirls ride with my mom." "That sounds cool." Jake called his mom to pick us up, and she innocent preteens list was happy to oblige. Once we arrived at Ultrazone, she gave both sunshine angels preteen of us $20 to spend preteen girls brazil for the night. "Have fun and be safe, you two!" she called, from the driver's seat. preteen cuties dark "Alright, mom!" Jake said. "Okay, Mrs. Johnson... I mean, Beth!" I said. Jake's mom drove off and Jake and I went inside to buy our unlimited play wristbands. Inside, we met Josh, and we all just talked about whatever was going on in our lives while we waited for the magazine preteen nude next game to start up. "Hey Josh..." "Yeah, David?" "Jake was wondering if he could join Four Mile Run. Do you wanna let him play with us?" "Hey, an extra guitar can't hurt lola preteen sex at all. Jake, do you really wanna join us?" Josh preteen girls socks asked. "Yeah." Jake fucking preteen cunt replied. "Then you're in. Welcome to Four Mile Run, exotic preteen stories then!" Josh exclaimed. "So, now that you're in, Jake, what shall we do as bandmates now?" I asked. "Well, how about you guys come over to my place? I can introduce you to the other guys, and we can pics preteen vaginas jam and stuff." Josh offered. "That sounds good. Tomorrow?" Jake asked. "Sure." Josh said. After that little conversation, we went to play out next game. After that game, Jake and Josh went off to the 7-11 across the street to buy some Slurpees. I had to use the bathroom, so I told them to go without me. I was walking towards the change machine to play a game of DDR (there was a mini-arcade inside as well) when I saw this person playing some preteen angel pussy shooting game. He looked so familiar... Almost porn preteens pic as if I'd known him before...========== "C'mon David, go get it yourself. I mean, we all have the same parts and stuff, right?"========== Oh shit! preteen ls cp Is that Kevin!? Hmm... No, it couldn't be... But still... He looks so much like him... His hair... His teeth... Hell, even his facial structure is the same as Kevin's... What if it really is him? Hmm... I'd better not say anything... What if it's not him? That'd be fuckin' awkward. Yeah, I'll just leave this alone now... As I was turning around to go to the DDR machine, I saw the mystery kid take a quick innocent preteens naked glance preteen x preteens at me, followed by... Well, I dunno. It looked like a look of bewilderment, but it also looked like a look of awkwardness. Hell, it even could've been a look that said youngs preteens nudes "What the fuck are you lookin' at, foo?". As I was playing my game of DDR, my mind kept going back to this mystery kid, and I was beginning to lose focus. Eventually, I ended up almost failing my last song, but I still managed to pass it. After my game super preteens gallery ended, Jake and Josh came back with some Slurpees. Jake had two in his hands, and motioned for me to grab one of them. "Thanks, dude." I said. "No problem, man. Anything for my boy." Jake replied. "Psh, yeah. I guess." "Okay, you two. You can be all lovey-dovey later. Right now, we're still playing laser tag!" Josh said. "Alright, alright... Let's go. They're gonna call porno preteen gay the next game any minute now..." Jake said. "Fine, fine." I mumbled. We all preteen pics mpeg got up and played a couple more games. Afterwards, the three of us decided that we needed to go home. "Okay, dudes. I'll see you guys tomorrow, okay?" Josh said. "Sounds like a plan," I said. "Alright, Jake?" "Yeah. Sounds good. preteen nonnude video See ya, Josh." preteen girls jpeg Jake said. teens porn preteen "Okay, bye." "See ya." Jake and I said in unison. Josh's mom picked Josh up, leaving just Jake japan model preteen and I waiting for his mom to pick us up. After a few minutes, she drove around and told us to hop in. After Jake's mom dropped me off at my house, I gave Jake a good-bye hug and kiss, and then he was gone. I unlocked the door real taboo preteens and made my way to my bedroom. I was a bit tired from the day's activities, so I changed into a nightshirt and slipped into bed. Then, my thoughts began to go back to the mystery kid at Ultrazone. Who was this guy? I wanted to say that he was Kevin, but I still doubted that possibility. Why was I even worrying about this in the first place? I have a boyfriend, so even if he was gay, I wouldn't go out with him. Frustrated with my inner thoughts and worries, I drifted off to sleep...========== All of a sudden, I was back at Ultrazone. hot preteens sex There bbs preteen forum I was, standing at the change machine, inserting a dollar bill in order to obtain four quarters. I looked over to my left, and the mystery kid was there again. He looked over in my direction, and started walking to where I was. "Hey... You're David, right?" asked the mystery boy. "Yeah. How do you know my name?" I asked. "I'm Kevin, dude. Remember? From those summer programs, long, long ago?" "Yeah... Funny seeing you here..." "Dude, are you really gay?" Kevin asked. He was a little blunt there, but I quickly recovered from my shock and answered him. "Yeah. I am. Why do you ask?" Suddenly, people began appearing from the shadows. There russian preteen nu were all people I knew. These were all people from my past... They were the ones who made my life hell during middle school. preteen lingerie toplist "These people told me," Kevin began. "You're a fag." At the moment he said that word, I instantly fucking preteen ass knew which side he was on. "Kevin... I lusty preteens galleries guess this means that you don't agree with the fact that I'm gay..." "No, I don't, nude preteen blondes David." "But... What about back-" "But nothing, David." he said curtly. "Unfortunately, we are not friends. We are enemies." And then, Brandan appeared. "Yeah, David. We're pre teen voyuer not your friends. We're your enemies. Everyone who you think is your friend is really your nnude preteen pics enemy, you faggot." he said. At that moment, everyone began spitting innocent preteen com insults at me. I just stood there and took them as they came. I knew that I could do nothing to lessen the flow of verbal abuse coming in my direction. And yet... ebony preteenz I still wondered why Kevin had changed sides. After what we did when we were younger... Maybe he was the one who was truly able to call it "just experimentation". Brandan and the others left, and the entire penetrated preteens area turned to shadow. I was alone again.========== I woke up feeling tired and weak. The entire dream was still fresh in x rated preteen my mind. Everything that child pussy preteen was spoken was still ringing in my ears. Kevin... Brandan... No... All it was was a dream. Nothing more than that. Suddenly, I found myself singing softly to myself. "Was juicy virgin preteens it a dream? Was finnish preteen nudes it a dream? Is this the preteen top site only evidence that proves it? A photograph of you and I..." How strange that I dutch preteen young would think of a song like that... But still, the "dream" part of it had some connection to what I had just experienced. Softly, and quietly, I got out of bed. I slipped on some shorts and made my way downstairs to eat breakfast. I must've been asleep for a very long time, since my parents were already gone for preteen striptease pictures church. I checked the clock on the tiny defloration preteens oven, and noticed that it was already 12:00 noon. I got a box of... boy preteen pictures Ugh, I didn't know what it was. I just picked a box and poured out some processed pedo preteen underground grain-based food underground preteen picks product into a bowl and poured some milk on top of it. I sat down in preteen model chemal front of the TV and turned it on. I changed the channel to some cooking show, and preteen sex slave munched on my food. My mind was still lingering on my dream. In fact, I was still curious about that preteen cartoons sex kid from last night... If it was Kevin... He would be going to Yorktown this year... ...Shit! He knows that we did stuff back in our younger days... He's a year younger than I am... What if he's just like how I saw him in my dream? preteen boys hairdos What if he hates gay people? What if he uses our past to slander my name now? He could make me out to be some sort of child molester monster or something! ...But, then again, that would be the worst-case and most unlikely scenario. I don't think I'll have to worry about that. fetish preteens I mean, if he brings up our past to try to bring down my reputation, then I could also use it to out him. Yeah. There's nothing to worry about. Everything's gonna be fine. And so, I turned to the TV, looked at Sandra Lee, and ate a spoonful of cereal and milk.----------Well, that's the second chapter preteen trailers out virgin preteen site of a planned ten cum in preteen chapters.All preteen girls ru feedback, including comments, questions, suggestions, flames, offerings of love, and/or pictures of cute kittens are to be sent to (ddrarrow_rebornyahoo.com). Peace out, y'all.
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